The 2018 NKBA GA Chapter’s Designs of Distinction Awards will recognize the best of the best for each of the following categories:  Kitchen, Bath, Outdoor Living Spaces and K&B Showroom. Winners will be announced at our Designs of Distinction Awards Gala in October, 2018.



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Designs of Distinction Awards - October 18th, 2018

New Website!

Welcome to a new look and a new era for the Georgia Chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath association! As regular visitors to our website will surely notice, we’ve changed both the look and the format of the website. We did this in conjunction with the new NKBA logo. And to reflect upon and celebrate the new look and branding for our great organization, we’ve decided to improve upon the way we communicate with you, our valued members.

For years, the primary conduit for information has been our newsletter, in conjunction with ancillary information (classifieds, etc.) on the website. The introduction of the NKBA Georgia Chapter blog will help streamline our goal of keeping every member up to date, and to provide a centralized location to find the answers to questions and any other information you might need.

This blog will be the cornerstone of our communication process. It will preview upcoming events, allowing you to make plans and take part in some of the fun, educational opportunities offered to our members, or keep up on your CEU credits. We will also review those events, allowing you to share in some of the excitement you might have missed because of scheduling conflicts.

Communication is the cornerstone of any great organization, more especially this of ours. It is our goal to continually strive to improve the way we allow our membership to stay informed. Of course, as we make these changes, we welcome your feedback and advice. The Georgia Chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association is your organization, and the better the input we get for our members, the easier it will be for this blog and this website to serve your needs.

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