The 2018 NKBA GA Chapter’s Designs of Distinction Awards will recognize the best of the best for each of the following categories:  Kitchen, Bath, Outdoor Living Spaces and K&B Showroom. Winners will be announced at our Designs of Distinction Awards Gala in October, 2018.



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Designs of Distinction Awards - October 18th, 2018

2017’s Hottest Kitchen Trends (part 1)

2017’s Hottest Kitchen Trends (part 1)

From the top-trending showcases from this year’s KBIS event, we are seeing new products for kitchens making an impact upon the current design market, new tools and products to appeal to designers and clients alike. There are undercurrents of both European and American styles this year, giving an even wider range from which to choose. Here are just a few:

  1. Cabinetry in Lighter Shades of Grey & contrasting combos – Deeper shades of white, maybe? Lighter-colored cabinets still hold a firm lead in design choices, but blaring white is giving way to the more subtle whites. Also, pairings of light and dark cabinets are increasingly popular. Designers are finding success by pairing lighter shades with black, midnight blue, green, or dark brown cabinetry: these combos add a touch of sophistication that is much in demand.
  2. Gold and Metals – Gold can be used to warm up any palette. It mixes well with stainless fixtures, stone work, and just about any color combinations. Working with gold, there is less of a need to make sharp color matches, especially with brushed and rubbed finishes. Need a fast idea? Try adding brass inlays to limestone and marble.
  3. Opposites Really Do Attract After All – If there is a theme to 2017 design trends, it’s “throw the rulebook out the window.” Don’t be afraid to mix gold with silver, modern with vintage, light with dark, classic with industrial. Leave the limitations of the past exactly where they should be: in the past. Be bold: more color, pattern plays, monochromatic tone on tone – don’t hold anything back. (Here’s a secret: one of the hottest trends? Leather.)
  4. Consistency in Countertops? Not… - Mixing wood countertops with marble or quartz can make for a very stylish, functional kitchen. A brand called Geoluxe earned the 2017 Best Kitchen Gold Award at this year’s KBIS, with their Pyrolithic Stone, a 100-percent mineral based product which uses the same natural metamorphic process that is used to produce marble. Just like marble, it results in a pattern going through the stone. Check it out for yourself!
  5. Kitchens: More Than Just Cooking! – The kitchen has always been a place that promotes social interaction with your family. Now more than ever, kitchens need to be personalized to the way each client lives in and uses the space. This brings in factors like atmosphere and ambience just as much as function. Flexibility in design helps equip a kitchen with innovative products that allow for a multi-functional room for many things happening at once.

When it comes to keeping up with what is current, fresh and innovative, clients turn to NKBA Certified Designers to help guide them through the design process and help them make good investment choices. Before you make the move to renovate, find an NKBA Certified Designer near you.

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