The 2018 NKBA GA Chapter’s Designs of Distinction Awards will recognize the best of the best for each of the following categories:  Kitchen, Bath, Outdoor Living Spaces and K&B Showroom. Winners will be announced at our Designs of Distinction Awards Gala in October, 2018.



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Designs of Distinction Awards - October 18th, 2018

2017’s Hottest Kitchen Trends (part 2)

2017’s Hottest Kitchen Trends (part 2)

And now, for more of 2017’s hottest kitchen design trends!       

                6. Back to Nature – Nature is beautiful; there’s no way of getting around it. Clients have a great love for things that are fresh and cheerful. Nature promotes health and wellness. So why not try adding accessories such as herb cultivators or rustic objects in natural hues and earthy tones? Let’s bring nature into our kitchens and make this space the most peaceful retreat in the house.

                7. It’s Easy Being Green! – Recycling old objects in any kitchen design is reason to get excited and celebrate! Repurposing objects shows an ecological concern, which we don’t have to tell you is a very popular idea among the younger generation of kitchen buyers. Recycling promotes thinking outside of the box. A quick trip to the garage or storage room can reveal treasures that can be used as unique highlights for a kitchen design.

                8. Acessibility – Baby Boomers take note: Acessible Design has become an important topic, as clients are looking to grow with their homes. Fortunately, manufacturers are taking notice too, and we’re seeing a wide variety of new products coming onto the market specifically designed with accessibility in mind! Independence, convenience and functionality are the keywords here, not just for use by handicapped clients but also for seniors.

                9. Let There Be (More) Light! – The trend towards “smart” homes is here to stay and will probably never go away. But this is an important advantage to the forward-thinking kitchen designer. Taking advantage of technological advancements can be used to decrease energy costs and usage. Specifically, the use of LED lighting, when well-integrated into a kitchen design, can bring a highly-controllable lighting strategy to a kitchen. And the flexibility of LED lighting gives a designer an artistic aspect to lighting up a kitchen like never before.

                10. Storage: A Kitchen’s Unappreciated Hero – Good kitchen design combines the best kitchen products with storage the best suits a client’s needs. It’s all about efficiency, and as kitchens trend more and more into multi-purpose workrooms, the need for efficient storage becomes increasingly critical. And we’re not just talking about pantry space. Something as simple as a wine cooler can be a way of maximizing refrigerator space while filling a client’s specific storage needs.


Folks looking for a guiding hand in designing their kitchen don’t ever have to feel alone: The professionals with the NKBA’s Certified Designer program are easy to be found and can provide a wealth of information to help in time of need. Don’t make expensive decisions on your own! Find a Certified Kitchen Designer today to help you on your journey!

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