Professional Development


ATTENTION GA CHAPTER MEMBERS!!! Two Important Questions……

1. IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS APPLIED TO SIT FOR A CERTIFICATION TEST IN MARCH OR APRIL? We would like to offer support, encouragement and study groups.

2. IS THERE ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN AN ADVANCE CLASS ON SKETCHUP OR 20/20? All clients need help in visualizing your proposed project.  A crisp photo realistic rendering may be the edge you need to close the sale!

Please email Caren Danneman, VP of Professional Development at [email protected]


In order for us to create a Study Group, we need your feedback and participation!  Below are just a few reminders prior to getting started in a Study Group.

A few housekeeping reminders-

  • 2012 NKBA Membership- to be a part of our Study Group and to test you must be a current NKBA member.  Go to and make sure your membership dues are current.


  • If your company is a member of NKBA, you will need to make sure you also have your individual member ID number.  You will need to be able to login to the site so that you can keep track of your personal information, order materials, and obtain additional information that will be helpful.   Contact headquarters - The National Kitchen & Bath Association, Phone: (800) THE-NKBA (843-6522), Fax: (908) 852-1695


  • Explore the ‘LEARN’ tab on the NKBA website.  Please go to the Certification section and read through all information pertaining to the certification programs.  Make sure your pay close attention to the certification descriptions and requirements.



AKBD & CKBP Computer-Based Academic Exams

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from the NKBA granting you access to our test delivery vendor's website. You may then select an exam location from over 300 authorized test centers, and set an examination date that suits your schedule.