Image/hands.pngHelp us... help you!

We are always looking for volunteers to serve on Committees!  This is a great path to learn more about our organization, this industry and grow your own leadership skills.

Our plans and goals for 2016 are bigger and better than ever! We would love to have you join the already enthusiastic group of volunteers to aid in carrying out the strategic goals set by our Board to make our Chapter the best!

What Committees do we have? Programs, Sponsorship, Student Events, Membership, and Consumer Outreach are just a few areas! Do not hesitate if any of these areas interest you! Serving on a committee gives great opportunities to network with other professionals in the industry and most importantly shows tenacity of your dedication to the future of the kitchen and bath business.

As a volunteer leader for the NKBA, you directly contribute to and benefit from the growth of the kitchen and bath industry's leading Association. You serve as a member advocate and a representative of your peers to the Association and the industry, as well as a mentor for student members to develop potential and build skills.

Through leadership training, you gain the tools and skills necessary to become a better volunteer and a better manager. This knowledge can be invaluable to your own business and the experience is a great addition to your personal portfolio.

NKBA Members are encouraged to serve as volunteer leaders on both the national and local level. Opportunities are available on boards, councils and committees and are suitable for a range of interests and experience.

Start today and...

* Develop new skills
* Use your present skills and knowledge to help others
* Participate in and help plan activities
* Develop new friendships and closer working relationships with your industry members

For more information on where volunteers are needed, please contact any of the Officers (on the Contact page) or email us at [email protected],org.  If you are interested in the privilege to serve on the Executive Committee in the future, please contact the Nominating Committee Chair or President of the Georgia Chapter.